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The World's First Wi-Fi Interpretation System!

You can transmit live interpretation from a PC

ABELON allows you to transmit an interpreter’s voice over Wi-Fi networks. Therefore, you don’t need dedicated devices such as a radio transmitter or an infrared inverter. Try this simultaneous interpretation system using PCs and Wi-Fi routers now!

You can hear the interpretation through your smartphone or tablet


When ABELON is installed on either a smartphone or tablet and connected through a dedicated Wi-Fi network,  you can hear the interpreter right away.  Thanks to ABELON's ability to broadcast on multiple channels, you can transmit multiple languages.. Put on an earpiece and use the service!

Exceptional Sound Quality


Clear and high-quality digital sound! You can clearly hear the voice of the interpreter. Codec bitrate controls allows quality sound transmission and balancing of network loads. Furthermore, using Wi-Fi networks alleviates any concerns regarding frequency interference with PA devices, televisions, or radios.

High Security


Security protocols for Wi-Fi routers, including WEP, TKIP, AES, WPA-AES, WPA2-AES, SSID Stealth, Mac address limiting and AOSS, are available, which makes it possible to transmit simultaneous interpretation in a highly secure environment. Interpretation that requires confidentiality can be protected from any wiretapping attempts.

Low Cost


Avoid the hassels of devices such as disctribution and collection of rentals maintenance, etc.  Rather, use commercially available, off-the-shelf hardware such as PCs, Wi-Fi routers, and smartphones, which are widely used and immediately available to employ the interpretation system. Try it now! A free trial download is available online.

Sound never cuts out!

Sound cutting off less than 0.5%

Thanks to technologies and know-how of more than 30 years, ASAT (ABELON Stable Audio Technology), the algorithm that makes it possible to improve, retransmit and synchronize voice data, was successfully developed. The voice cutting problem which used to reach a percentage of two digits will be significantly lowered and it will become possible to send the data of high voice quality to participants in a stable manner. Now, there’s no need to worry about missing translation or sound skipping.

(1) The average rate of sound cutout of ASAT is 0.05% (according to our internal research) 2) Patent pending (3) The rate can reach a percentage of two digits depending on the system environment.

Simple Configulation
Easy to set up and master !



USB Mic + PC + Wi-Fi Router


Smartphone + Tablet

( iOS / Android )

Economy and Good Sound​ !
IT-age new invention.

FM Radio

Digital Radio






Interpretation System Comparison Chart
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